When Reliability is not Optional


The best systems are only as good as their weakest link

Vehicles and equipment depend on healthy electrical systems for reliability, safety and full capability. The weak link in all DC Systems however, is the battery.  All battery technologies in use today degrade, and as they do they cause voltage losses placing undue stress on the electrical system, which result in electrical failures... Ultimately your personnel, your assets and your capability are at risk as a result of loss of reliability from battery degradation.

Significant reduction of electrical failures

HD648 is a disruptive on-board power conditioning technology which significantly reduces of electrical failures caused by degrading batteries.  Our technology employs a Patented High Intensity Dual Pulse Algorithm to Re-Energize inactive material obstructing the battery plates and depressing the system voltage. The result is clean and healthy batteries allowing electrical systems to function at full voltage and efficiency.

Prime/OEM's reduce electrical failures from 56% to 1%

European Primes Volvo, Scania and Mercedes ran long term field tests on our Dual Pulse Technology, results after 7 years of testing showed a reduction of electrical faults by 55.7% plus an increase in battery life from an average of 2 years to over 5 years, in some cases up to 7 years battery life was achieved.

Friendly to our Environment

HD648 keeps batteries and electrical systems working at maximum efficiency for longer therefore, keeping them out of the recycling loop 2 to 3 times longer, reducing lead and the impact of manufacturing, recycling and discarding batteries on our environment.

Users our Technology


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